Scientific papers journal of Oles Honchar Dnipro national university "Linguistics. Linguoculturology".

ISSN 2409-3238 (Print)

The journal publishes the articles on linguoculturology, ethnolinguistics, ethnoculturology, general linguistics, theory of language, Slavic, German and Roman languages, translation studies, cognitive linguistics and intercultural communication, theory of text, methods of teaching Russian, Ukrainian,  foreign languages as well as  teaching the Russian and Ukrainian language as foreign ones and other relevant issues of contemporary linguistics, written in one of the Slavic or West-European languages. "Linguistics. Linguoculturology" is addressed to the research workers, specialists-philologists, to the graduate students and students of philological faculties, as well as to the wide circle of readers, interested in the problems of contemporary linguistics.

Certificate of state registration of the printed mass media. Series КВ № 18253-7053Р from 05.09.2011

Included in "List of scientific professional editions in which the results of theses papers can be published to acquire the scientific degrees of Doctor and Candidate of sciences", ratified by Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine order 1604 from 22.12.2016 (Appendix № 9).

The national library of Ukraine named after V.I. Vernadskii has deposited electronic versions of scientific edition "Linguistics. Linguoculturology" on the portal of Ukrainian scientific periodicals on the address:

Publisher: Oles Honchar Dnipro National University

Address: Department of Translation and Linguistic Training of Foreigners, Oles Honchar Dnipro National University, Ave. Gagarin, 72, c. Dnipro, Ukraine, 49050