Keywords: Arabic world, realia, lexicographic presentation, text fragment.


  The article deals with the problem of verbalization of the concept "Arabic world". With development of society and international relations in Russian, borrowings are growing from different languages. In our days together with the development of civilization, culture, economy and business the vocabulary of Russian develops and changes. Older concepts become obsolete and conformable lexical units go away to the passive layer of vocabulary and in turn plenty of the adopted neologisms are included in the active lexical stock. Nowadays cultural exchange, tourism and receipt of cultural experience are developed enough, to the lexical constituent of language new and unstudied to this moment concept are added, in particular such example are elements, presenting the concept "Arabic world" in Russian. Under the influence of the developed communication with the habitants of Middle East countries plenty of lexical units gained a foothold in Russian, that makes their research relevant.  Similar problems are regarded in ethnographic works, however the linguistic aspect of the units under consideration still remain not fully lighted up. The purpose of the article is to describe concepts, related to the Arabic world, in particular, names of dishes of the Arabic kitchen, to give correct determination of these concepts, to analyze their functioning in artistic texts. The research object is lexical units baklava, burgul, kebab, cuscus, tubule, falafel, humus. The article gives research of the linguistic and textual functioning of the indicated units.  Lexicographic presentation of the names of dishes of the Arabic kitchen is considered in the article, concepts and the values of which are clearly envisaged in consciousness of the Russian-language man, adapted and to date used actively, that is confirmed by functioning of these units in the texts of different genres. The transferred lexical units, on our supervisions, are used in a text to achieve such aims: а) to create special atmosphere of the Arabic world; b) pragmatic to describe glutonic essence of the object; c) to describe the character of a text; d) advertising. In our paper we considered some concepts, related to the "Arabic world" in particular case the names of dishes of the Arabic cuisine, known all over the world, and gave their exact description. With development of tourism and popularity of the Arabic cuisine in the modern world there exist a great number of different variants of preparation of this or that dish of the Arabic cuisine which is explained by different factors: by distinction of recipes of one dish in different countries of the  Middle East, by experience, experiments of modern cookery and desire to adapt the dishes of the Arabic cuisine under the set of Slavic foods. For the acquaintance with the names of dishes of the Arabic cuisine note should be taken first of all on classic descriptions, known to the whole "Arabic world" which are more exact without omissions and additions.

Author Biography

A.M.M. Almugheed, Oles Honchar Dnipro National University, Ukraine;

second year graduate student


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