Keywords: phraseological units, connotative aspect, phraseologisms of comparison, comparative, the subject of comparison, the macrofield


The topicality of the theme is due to the fact that phraseological units are a treasury that reflects the experience of a certain linguocultural community.

The relevance of the study is determined by the fact that among phraseological units, phraseological units-comparisons, their origin, the semantic nature of the components of comparative phraseological units (comparison subjects) are hardly studied.

The purpose of this article is to learn the semantic features of comparative phraseological units.

The purpose of the article is to build a typological classification for the subjects of comparison (synchronous classification) and implement a comprehensive analysis of the selected semantic fields included in the semantic macrofield "Man".

          The novelty of the research is based on the fact that on the material of comparative phraseological units an analysis of the subjects of comparisons, which denote the appearance of a person, is carried out. The selected material of phraseological units is classified and described on the basis of modern linguistic theory.

The object of this article is phraseological comparisons of the English language, which characterize the appearance of a person.

The subject of research is the semantic features of phraseological comparisonsоn of the semantic macrofield "Man".

The material of the exploring served the phraseological units characterizing the appearance of a person, which are presented in the phraseological dictionaries of the English language.  The functional aspect of the research is supported by examples selected from works of English literature.

The article deals with the scientific concept of A.V. Kunin, on the basis and consolidation of which the study was conducted. The paper presents the semantic classification of phraseological units according to the subjects of comparison. The practical basis and consolidation of our research is the selection of the semantic macrofield "Man". One of the types of representations of the subjects of comparative, namely: “Appearance” was analysed. Appearance, as the most common type of representations, includes a number of categories: "Overall impression of appearance", "Clothes", "Height, gender, posture”.

           The material shows how broad the concept of phraseological units is in the content plan, which, of course, requires further study.


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